Twitch Streamer Ice Poseidon ‘Quite Possibly’ World’s Smartest Man

Ice Poseidon exhibits his superior intelligence by attaching his Go-Pro to his head for optimal streaming

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Researchers from UC Berkeley have released a statement confirming that Paul Denino, better known by his online persona, Ice Poseidon, is “quite possibly” the smartest man in the world.

“Based on initial tests and analysis of his streams, this may be the most intelligent person that has existed in centuries,” said UC Berkeley researcher James McKlore, a top scholar in human intelligence. James later added that they began their research after being referred to his livestream by a student. They initially thought it was a joke, but it quickly became apparent that there was much more to Ice Poseidon than meets the eye.

“It may seem like Ice Poseidon has absolutely no idea what he’s doing or how to even perform daily tasks, but once you look deeper into the situation, he’s actually brilliant, he seems to have ascended past normal existence” added Daya Callen, the other researcher who is working on the study.

No one is quite sure what this means for humanity, but one thing is certain: we should all now be watching Ice Poseidon’s streams to decipher the deeper meaning.

(Ice Poseidon can be located on, don’t ask for a schedule, because there isn’t one)

6 comments on “Twitch Streamer Ice Poseidon ‘Quite Possibly’ World’s Smartest Man
  1. I agree, Ice is brilliant!
    His streams are always well thought-out, as the script for each new episode gets better and better; I am glad I could become a permanent character on his show, so glad he invited me!

    Love you Ice

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