Man Removed From Plane After Being Discovered as a Hanzo Main

ORLANDO, FL – At first, no one quite knew why Franklin Debeaux was being removed from the airplane forcibly. After he was removed, authorities made the reason quite clear.

“He just kept acting like he was aiming a bow and arrow, it was a disruption,” said Otto Monato, the head of security at the airport. At first he wasn’t sure how to handle the situation, but he figured it out in time.

He was a Hanzo Main.

At first, the other passengers were confused and angry that the man was being removed from the plane.

As he was being pulled from the plane, eyewitnesses say that his final words were: “Ryū ga waga teki wo kurau!” At this time, it is unsure how the authorities were able to identify Debeaux as a Hanzo main.  Some say that his ponytail and fu-manchu were a dead giveaway.

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