Blizzard Confirms ‘All D.Va Cosplays Are Officially Canon’

photo accreditation to Tiff Nguyen

A queue of D.Va cosplayers, patiently waiting to be selected as the next D.Va


IRVINE, CA – In an effort to expand on the already complex lore behind Overwatch, Blizzard released a statement today declaring all cosplays of the hero D.Va are canonical.

“We here at the Overwatch team believe it is necessary to include the many iterations of D.Va created by fans in the overall backstory for the game,” stated Jeff Kaplan, Vice President of Blizzard Entertainment and director for Overwatch. He went on to say that he believes this gives an answer to what happens after the character dies in game. “Another just kind of takes her spot on the team. There are hundreds, if not thousands of D.Va’s.”

“This is a real huge step for cosplayers,” said Hannah Song, a devoted D.Va enthusiast and cosplayer. “I feel like I’m making an impact on not only the game, but for the gaming community as well.”

It is unclear if the same is true for the other heroes in Overwatch, as no one has ever seen another character from the series cosplayed in real life.

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