Microsoft and Rocksteady Studios Announce Next Installment in Flight Simulator Series

Flight Simulator: United

“…the most realistic aviation experience yet offered.” – Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox


REDMOND, WA – In an announcement from Microsoft Studios headquarters, a new partnership between the developer and Rocksteady Studios has been announced to produce a new addition to the critically acclaimed Microsoft Flight Simulator series.

Microsoft Flight Simulator: United is described by co-owner of Rocksteady Studios Sefton Hill as “a dark and gritty reimaging of modern aviation.” Using the studios’ signature Freeflow Combat System, the player will be able to dive into the painstakingly recreated world of United Airlines, “re-accommodating” passengers with the same slo-mo takedowns fans love from the Arkham series, but this time with some added improvements. “Inspired by the story of United Airlines, we’ve added in the ability to drag opponents through the cabin and even to bring them into fully realized terminals to further beat into submission, all without pesky load screens” stated Hill. The destructible environments seen in Arkham Knight are also making a comeback, with the ability to tear apart obstacles like economy seats, and to use baggage to take out enemies.

With the announcement, Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox stated “While the flight simulation systems will be as robust as ever, we believe that the addition of Rocksteady’s uniquely satisfying combat in this installment will position Microsoft Flight Simulator: United as the most realistic aviation experience yet offered.”

When asked about possible DLC, Spencer noted that Microsoft and Rocksteady will be keeping an eye on Trump’s travel ban and the possibility to play as TSA agents using a system similar to Batman’s Detective Mode to highlight brown people.

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