DICE Announces Premium Friends: A Service To Purchase Online Friends

In an effort to increase engagement in aging titles DICE has announced Premium Friends, a service where you can purchase friends to play and party up with. Producer Andreas Skoglund from DICE had this to say about this upcoming service.

“We understand that its become increasingly difficult to find friends to party up with in our Battlefield series. This is why we have developed Premium Friends. You can take all the hard work out of developing relationships with people and simply pay a one-time fee to be matched up with someone who has a similar playing schedule as you.”

So far details about the pricing structure are sparse. However, DICE has announced that they have different payment models already set up for Premium Friends. The lowest priced introductory Premium Friend will be unable to speak the same language as you and will be guaranteed to be from another continent with a high ping. There will also be a subscription-based model where you can subscribe to friends like Chad who will say they are getting on, never actually do, and send you drunk texts in the middle of the night.

We expect to get more information from DICE once we get closer to the release of Premium Friends when it launches later this year.

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